1. Links I Love Friday

    10 Crazy Thinks You Didn’t Know About the Hair on ‘Mad Men’" by Sam Stryker on BuzzFeed: Actually, I’m not surprised the hair and costuming on a TV show or movie is more complicated than it might seem. The 7th season is almost here! I wasn’t a fan at first, but I’ve now binge-watched and caught up.

    This is unintentionally a “hair” edition of Links I Love Friday….

    How to Ease the Pain of Growing Out a Pixie Cut" by Cheryl Wischhover on The Cut: “There’s no easy way to face the long slog of growing out a pixie cut." Truer words were never spoken.

    OK, enough hair…

    Sketchnoting" on Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything: Although I think this is just another method of mind-mapping, I’m still sad I never heard of Sketchnoting until today.

  2. Links I Love Friday

    How to Make Overnight Oats Without a Recipe" on Food52: Well, this is a kind of recipe, but let’s not worry too much about that right now. Overnight oats are my second favorite breakfast. If I’m not having a smoothie, I’m having overnight oats. I’m loyal to a recipe from another site, but this one looks just as good.

    Brilliant Ads Use Book Covers That Urge Us to Go Offline And Read" on DesignTAXI.com: Today is a day for links that are contradictions. The first was a link to a recipe that supposedly wasn’t a recipe, and now I’m using social media to share a link about ads to encourage getting away from social media. Oh, well…

    The Exquisite Wistfulness of 19th-Century Vegetarian Personal Ads" on Slate’s The Vault: “ In these lonelyhearts ads, we can see which reforms were dear to the hearts of the people who were vegetarians before the Civil War." I find almost all personals ads in newspapers or online poignant. Don’t they make you wish you could give the writer a hug and help him or her find a soulmate?

  3. Links I Love Friday

    Try Transit Day information on Sarasota County Govt.’s Facebook page: It’s the first I’ve heard that Try Transit Day is Friday, April 25, 2014. All fixed route service will be FREE that day. If you’ve ever wanted to try riding the bus, that would be a good day to do it….because then if you get lost you can just keep hopping on buses until either you get where you need to be or the bus system shuts down for the night. 

    The Toughest Scene I Wrote" series on Vulture.com: “In this series, Vulture has been speaking to the screenwriters behind 2013’s most acclaimed movies about the scenes they found most difficult to crack." Ahh, I love peeks into the artistic process!

    What This Guy Does with Post-it Notes is Funny and Brilliant. These Literally Made Me LOL!" on Reshareworthy.com, but also all over the Internet a few weeks ago: Every link aggregator on the Internet shared this weeks ago, but I still find it brilliant so….

  4. Links I Love Friday

    Sommer+Sommer brain test, en.sommer-sommer.com/braintest/: “Which side of your brain is more dominant?” I took it twice in quick succession, thinking I could game the test the 2nd time, but I couldn’t. I came out over 60% left-brained both times. What’s your result?


    Bullet Journal, www.bulletjournal.com: “It’s an analog system for the digital age that will help you organize the present, record the past, and plan for the future.” I am completely aware that loving this link and my lefty brain result above are likely related. The thought of a journal/calendar on graph paper THRILLS me! And you?

    Beautiful Bookish Dresses" on To Be Shelved: Dresses inspired by books—so cool!—plus a couple of links to other fashion with literary ties.

  5. Links I Love Friday

    20 Fun and Geeky Furniture Designs for Cats" on TechEBlog: I can’t believe I don’t own any of these…yet.

    How Bicycling Can Save the Economy" on UtneReader’s Tumblr: I haven’t been able to ride my bike for the last 5 weeks, and I miss it. Please ride your bikes in my honor and save the economy while you’re at it. 

    The Trick to Buying Happiness? Spend Smarter" on LearnVest: I thought money couldn’t buy happiness, but it can sort of. “[T]he secret is not how much money you have—it’s how you use it.”

    Sitting is the New Smoking—Even for Runners" on Runner’s World: Everywhere I’ve turned this week I’ve run into an article or a link or a mention to the fact that sitting is killing me and you and everyone we know. Yikes! I was so disturbed one day by something I read on my way to work that I wanted to call my husband from my desk phone and ask him to please, please stand up immediately. This is another reason to ride your bike (see link 2 above).

    City Life and Vibrant Colours Drawn Onto Sheet Music" on Lost At E Minor: Still sitting down? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, take your mind off of that with the images in this link which are just SO BEAUTIFUL and charming. “UK-based illustrator and designer Mike Lemanski has breathed life into otherwise ‘normal’ sheets of music by illustrating miniature people doing their daily routines amongst the notes and bars on the page.”

  6. Links I Love Friday

    I actually have a good reason for not posting the last 2 Fridays: I broke my ankle and was busy elevating it. After almost 2 weeks away, I found myself with the same feelings I used to have before school would start each autumn: part of me wished the summer would never end but another part was always ready to get back to school. So, 3/4 of today’s links are about working because I guess I was antsy to get back to work:

    How I Work" series on Lifehacker: As you know by now, I’m nosy, so very, very nosy. I love interviews, lists of what people are reading, and “day in the life” series on blogs. I always click on “what’s in my bag” stories on beauty sites. (And if I’m at your house, there’s a good chance I’ll look in your medicine cabinet.) There’s no way I’m not reading every bit of this series because I really do want to know how your desk is set up, what apps you use, and whether you use a to-do list or not. 

    What Career Should You Actually Have?" on BuzzFeed: I love this quiz because it gave me exactly the career I was hoping for. What career should you actually have?

    What I’ve Learned in a Year of Being My Own Boss" on Back to Her Roots: Do you dream of being your own boss? This blogger tells it straight from her experience.

    Project Sewn, www.projectsewn.com: It’s a “4 week sewing competition comprised of 6 designer / seamstresses.” The first week just ended, but there’s time to catch up. The contestants are so creative! It’s a more accessible version of Project Runway! 

  7. Links I Love Friday

    DIY animal jar tops" on Mr. Kate: The creator of this project says, “I love this animal-centric project! Call me childish, call me cat-obsessed…. but I love adding a playful element to interior design and this project totally achieves that!” It hooked me at “childish” but I agree with the rest, too! 

    Giant Lite Brite" on Instructables.com: Lite Brites came up in conversation—as they do—and I started to sing the “Lite Brite” song to my colleague. She had never heard it. That led to finding an old commercial on YouTube then figuring out the status of Lite Brites today then dreaming of making my own…because I never had one.

    With New Year’s resolutions, it’s best to think small" by Mary MacVean on LATimes.com: If you’ve gotten the sense over the years that I vacillate regarding New Year’s resolutions, you are spot on. One year I call them “goals”; the next year, I say they aren’t worthwhile; and another year I might just plan to do them for a month. This year, I’ve come around to liking this way of thinking: “find ‘simpler wins’.” (And, it’s not too late to make resolutions; it’s never too late.) 

  8. Links I Love Friday

    Orange Pippin, www.orangepippin.com/: “The comprehensive resource for apples and orchards.” I eat an apple almost every day, and until quite recently, had never thought about all the varieties that AREN’T available at my local supermarket. I love that Orange Pippin gives reviews of apples as well as offering a locator so you could actually find some of the more unusual, delicious-sound varieties.

    Stop Being Snarky, And Start Enjoying the Little Things" on Thought Catalog: “The coolest people I know don’t care at all about looking cool, and they know how to appreciate a little snark without using it as a crutch.” Point taken.

    Ranking ‘Downton Abbey’ Characters by Moral Reprehensibility" on Flavorwire: “We ranked Downton characters from saintly to straight-up horrible….” So funny….and I’ve always wondered about Bates, too.

  9. Links I Love Friday

    The value of accountability for achieving your goals" on The Art of Simple: “[T]here are some very real benefits in choosing to be accountable to another person when setting and working toward a goal.” I no longer make resolutions for an entire year. Instead I focus on short-term, usually monthly goals, and it’s helped to be accountable to something. By “something” I mean a little chart I make to track my progress….That’s right: I have the adult version of the sticker chart my grade school teacher used.

    Are you ready to cut the cord [on your cable]?" from MarketWatch and "Your Guide to Cable TV Cord-Cutting" on Tom’s Guide: I “can’t” cut my cable TV subscription, but if you’re wondering whether you can, these two sites, especially the MarketWatch quiz, can help you decide. 

    Healthiest Year Ever" on Well+Good NYC: “12 months of tips to live your best year.” Sounds good, eh?

  10. Links I Love Friday

    Calming Manatee, calmingmanatee.com: There’s not much to say about it; you have to see for yourself.

    How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk" interactive map on NYTimes.com: “What does the way you speak say about where you’re from? Answer the questions…to see your personal dialect map.” My answers put me quite firmly in the southern U.S. Where do yours put you?

    Fitness Calculator from NTNU - Trondheim, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology: “How Fit Are You, Really?” I was reluctant to take this, but it turned out okay.