1. Links I Love Friday

    This Study Proves Your Chocolate Cravings Are All Your Fault" on iO9 is not so much a link I love as much as something I know I need to remember the next time I’m sure I “need” chocolate.

    So, Twitter has become my font of all knowledge, offering links and tidbits to all sorts of important information…and then there’s the purely fun stuff like @emrgencykittens—“for when you need a kitten (or other type of cat) to cheer you up!"—and @Cats—surely no description needed.

    I have the desire but not the knowledge to be a really good and efficient cook, but little bits and pieces of information, likeHow to Put Things In Your Fridge" on Slate.com’s Brow Beat, are slowly getting me there.

  2. Links I Love Friday

    Neatorama’s “8 Children’s Libraries That Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again was the perfect link for me because I regularly think, “Why can’t adults have [craft programs / fun books on… / puppet shows during book discussions / fill in anything fun and colorful that adults are made to think is childish here]?”

    I must admit that I had to watch the GIF in Slate’s “HBO Is Ruining ‘The Wire’ and We Have the GIF That Proves It" by Dan Kois about five times before I got the joke. If you see it right away, don’t tell me. My excuse is that my excitement about the remastering clouded my vision. 

    Sarasota County Area Transit has a new theme song, and I love it. (I wish libraries were mentioned, but I’ll make up my own chorus with libraries.) 

  3. Links I Love Friday

    NooOOoooOOOooI The Dark Side of Almond Use" by James Hamblin on The Atlantic says “thousands of endangered king salmon in northern California’s Klamath River are threatened by low water levels because water is being diverted to almond farms” and “ecological implications of almond farming during a drought are ‘potentially dire.’” Oh, delicious almonds…nothing can ever be perfect, can it?

    For someone who has only ever seen a bear in the wild once—when it ran across a highway a half a mile ahead of my car—I am peculiarly obsessed with avoiding bear attacks. (I blame it on reading “The Bear" by Claire Cameron.) So, The Best Things to Do in a Bear Encounter" on Slate.com was perfect for me. So much more useful—but not as funny—as I Love Charts’ “How to Survive a Bear Attack, If You Are Too Lame to Fight.”

    Email is Killing Us" by Derek Thompson on Quartz really hit home…hard… ouch.

  4. Links I Love Friday

    This week I fell down the hole of the HuffPost OWN Simplify Your Life section. I promise I’ll never put green bell peppers in a potluck dish.

    I’m upset the interrobang didn’t make the list, but otherwise I agree BuzzFeed Books’Punctuation Marks Ranked from Worst to Best.”

    So, unlikely animal friendships get me every. single. time. Thus, This Is What Happened When a Pit Bull Adopted a Baby Bunny on Easter" on HuffPost Good News is wonderful on its own, but scroll down for the “Unlikely Animal Friendships” slideshow at the bottom of the story to cap the experience.

  5. Links I Love Friday

    My thought when I first saw Retail in Real-Time" by ReTale was “I could watch this all day.” That was several days ago, but it’s still true as this “visualization of popular US consumer spending" is equal parts fascinating, wonderful, and terrifying.

    The library’s Facebook has featured seed libraries for “Isn’t That Library Cool Friday.” I think of them as a very back-to-nature, Foxfire-book-y, neat community service. so Government Crackdown on Innovative Seed Library" on Utne.com was a mind snapper. Who would have thought? 

    I think my librarian is showing when I admit how much I love the National Archives’ Today’s Document on Tumblr. I follow it on Twitter, too. 

  6. Links I Love Friday

    For a change, I have just one link because the videoEmail is Ruining Us: A Brilliant Solution by James Hamblin for The Atlantic made my week. Is there a better line than, “If only we had a fave button, Janice wouldn’t have had to have her car keyed”? No, there isn’t.  

  7. Links I Love Friday

    Why Seattle Author Maria Semple Hates Facebook and Twitter" on KUOW.org was a little…deflating…to find while I was searching for Semple’s Twitter handle to tag in our #FridayReads tweet this morning, but it was also perfect timing because I am in a love-hate relationship with Twitter: “So much information! Hooray!” vs. “So much information….Make it stop, make it stop…”

    The Healthiest Year Ever series on Well+Good NYC is something I’ve linked to before, but August’s tip—I set a reminder to check the tips at the beginning of every month—is particularly good: Schedule your sleep.”

    I’ve seen quizzes on BuzzFeed and other places designed to gauge whether the respondent is “addicted to books.” But none I’ve seen has ever asked if you dress like your favorite books, which is something the Sincerely, Sara blogger does: Inspired By: July’s Best Selling Books. Love it!…and I just realized I match the cover of the book I’m reading.

  8. Links I Love Friday

    And I’m back! It’s been a long time, but let’s all just pretend it’s only been a week and get on with the links…

    Fake Library Stats, @FakeLibStats on Twitter is something I just found. I think it’s hilarious, but is it funny to you? I might be so librarian-y that I no longer register jargon and in-jokes as jargon and in-jokes….You decide!

    An Open Letter to Myself When I Had Seven Cats" by Jen Bingham on McSweeney’s is so true, although I’ve never had seven cats…as an adult…but that’s another story.

    I want, no, I NEED, the 8-year-old’s invention for keeping books dry in the bath" on Boing Boing. Do you read in the tub? Although I’ve never dropped a book all the way into a tub of bathwater, a few have dipped their “toes” in. I did once drop an entire book into a pool, and that cured me of trying to read while swimming.  

  9. Links I Love Friday

    All the pretty, perfect pictures on Pinterest can lead to all sorts of comparisons in which I come up short, always short. But, I found the perfect antidote to all that in I’ve got your lifestyle blog right here" on Rage Against the Minivan

    My natural nosyness trumps any comparison anxiety when it comes to the Refrigerator Look Book series on Well+Good NYC. This is just one step away from peeking in someone else’s medicine cabinet…which I think we all know I want to do.  

    Clickbait Dissertations turns normal dissertation titles into dissertations that would get people to clck through on the web. It’s just funny!…although it might be a bit of a commentary on how the Internet—what is up with me and the Internet today!?—has left us always looking for the salacious tidbit….Or maybe it’s just funny.

    Speaking of clickbait, Can Animals Take a Selfie?" from Smithsonian Science got me to click because I thought there’d be kitten photos, but it’s a fascinating short video about animal surveys using remote cameras.

    I love Darien Library’s Thursday app feature because it almost always introduces me to an app I knew nothing about, such as this week’s post on Eat Your Books.

  10. Links I Love Friday

    I should have extra links to love today since it’s been so long…but I don’t.

    Found this link in my local PBS station’s weekly newsletter today: Strawberry Basil Tart" by Aube Giroux on Kitchen Vignettes for PBS Food. Memorial Day always seems like the real start of summer to me, and strawberries always make me think of summer.

    I love projects…or maybe I love the idea of projects. Anyway, this sounds very appealing:Artist Challenges Herself With ‘Year Of Creative Habits’ Project" on DesignTAXI and the actual Year of Creative Habits website. Would you join? I’m tempted.

    Another initiative that sounds very tempting is Spokes: Biking Across America, Summer 2014, which involves 7 college students biking across the U.S., teaching STEM classes. Could you bicycle across the U.S.? I was going to say I’d need longer than one summer, but if we say it’s about 3,000 miles across the country and we can all bike at 8mph for 8 hours a day, it would take us 47 days….so, yeah…..ummm…..You do what you want, but I think I’ll sign up for the creativity challenge instead.